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Whether traveling for business or pleasure, trust InCharge to power your journeys. Our numerous charging stations and our handy app make it easy to use InCharge on the go.


Prices in the entire InCharge network

At 30 cents per kWh for slow charging, you get an almost unbeatable price with InCharge. At fast charging stations, you pay by the minute: 14 cents per minute at 20 kW charging stations and 20 cents per min at 50 kW charging stations.

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With InCharge, you can charge your e-car worry-free, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure. To order the InCharge card (formerly Vattenfall Charge Card), just click on the order button and fill out the form. In just a few days, you will receive your personal InCharge card. You will receive your invoice by post.
Please note the order form is in German only


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Where's the nearest charging station?

Use our interactive map to find all the InCharge stations and prices around Europe. Do you already have a Vattenfall charge card? You can charge as usual at all charging stations in the InCharge network.

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How to charge your electric car with InCharge


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 Use the app or card to pay

  Start charging your car!

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If you are experiencing problems with our services, please check our FAQ page. If you don't find the answer, please fill out the contact form.

To report a fault or power failure please call us at 0800 – 2 335 335.



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