InCharge Smart Home - the smart charging box

House semi-detached / Smart Home

From 12 990 kr 
incl. VAT 

  • Connected charging box for smart charging and access to My InCharge for statistics and power management.
  • Faster and safer than charging from a standard electrical outlet.
  • Fast charging with 20% discount at Vattenfall's stations in InCharge public charging network.

The smart way to charge your electric car 

InCharge Smart Home offers an enhanced electric car charging experience. With a secure connection to the internet, InCharge Smart Home ensures safe and easy charging at your private residence, with online access to all the information you need. With the portal My InCharge, you can set permissions and monitor the usage of your InCharge box, and decide which InCharge tags that are able to start and end the charging at your box. You also have access to 24 hour support. 


Installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician. We offer standard installation in selected parts of the country. You can read more about what is included in the standard installation  in the document Standard installation further down this page. We also offer custom installation for an additional cost. Custom installation means more work than standard installation. Select Custom installation in the order form, and we will present a cost proposal to you.

20% discount in Sweden

The InCharge Smart Home package qualifies you for a discount at Vattenfalls allmost 50 fast-charging stations in the public InCharge network within Sweden, and more stations across Europe.

Charge on the go – fast charging costs just 1.92 kr/minute.* With Smart home with 3.7 kW we recommend 20 or 25 amp fuse in the house. If necessary, it is possible to make higher fuses when installing the charger.

* The minimum price refers to Vattenfall's fast-chargers, incl. 20% discount. Prices and discounts may change and local variations may occur


Technical information

Hardware: Chargestorm Connected 3,7 kW
Size: 280 x 440 x 160 mm
Connection: Mode 3, Type-2
Network: 3G/4G
Installation: Wall mounted
Circuit breaker: Included
My InCharge Control permission and track usage online
Cable: Optional, 4 m

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