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InCharge residential charging boxes make it easy to charge your electrical and plug-in hybrid vehicles at home. We assist you with the purchase and installation of the stations that suit you. With our connected InCharge Smart Home boxes, you can track your usage with the My InCharge portal. InCharge Smart Home lets you charge your electric car smooth and easily. Both options qualify homeowners for a rebate from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.


New low price 10 990 sek

After approved grant refund: 5 495 sek

  • Possibility to get up to 50% refund (max 10 000 sek) for the charging box and installation cost with a grant from the Swedish EPA. Read more further down this page.

  • 3G/4G-connected charging box (3,7 kW) for smart charging with higher effect as an option. 
  • Charge at home or through our public charging network, with your InCharge card that is included.
  • Get 20% off with Vattenfall's fast chargers at our public charging network.
  • Select who's able to charge at your charging station through our portal My InCharge. 
  • Customer service and trouble shooting 24/7 with monitoring of the charging stations. 

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InCharge Smart Home

You are able to customize your charging solution tailored to your needs. Select if you want faster charging, installation, load balancing or fixed cable. There are a range of possibilities with InCharge Smart Home. 

Faster charging?

Using a 3.7 kW InCharge station for one hour will charge your car enough to travel approximately 20 km while an 11 kW charging station charges for 60 km during the same time. All cars can be charged with both voltages, but not all cars can receive the higher-capacity charge. Today's electric cars can usually charge on 11 kW while hybrids can't. More and more cars are designed to use the higher current, making 11 kW the future-proof choice.

Fixed cable?

With this option you'll always have your charging cable at hand. The fixed cable is compatible with type 2 sockets, which is the European standard used by Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Volkswagen, Volvo and others. If your car has a type 1 socket, we recommend that you buy a separate type 1 to type 2 converter cable.


If you select us as your installer we will offer advice and make recommendations during the installation and commissioning of your charge box. With our standard installation we also provide an evaluation of your fuse box, mounting and wall commissioning of the charging station. We also include 10 meters of cable that can be pulled between the fuse box and charging station with the possibility of perforation on soft wall materials. If you have any other requirements we offer customized installation.

Load balancing?

To ensure you can charge smoothly without blowing a fuse, you can purchase load balancing. This balances your property's total consumption so that any free capacity is allocated for electric car charging. Load balancing can only be purchased if you've selected us to make the installation.

Tracking with My InCharge

Our web portal My InCharge is a handy way of keeping track of your charging data as well as manage permissions for other people to use your charging station. When you have ordered your InCharge Smart Home you receive a log in to access My InCharge.

Have in mind

To install both the 3.7 kW and 11 kW InCharge Smart Home stations, your home needs a fuse box with an amperage of at least 16 amps, but we recommend that the house have a 20 or 25 amp fuse box. To install load balancing we need to know what kind of fuse box you have. If you are unsure, you will find this information on your electricity bill or by contacting your electric utility company.


Subsidy from the Swedish EPA

InCharge Smart Home fulfills the criteria to apply for the charge-at-home-grant from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's (Naturvårdsverket). The grant refunds you for up to 50% of your costs for the charging box and installation, with a maximum of 10 000 SEK. Vattenfall cannot guarantee a refund and refer to the latest information about the grant and how you apply on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's website (in Swedish).

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Hardware: Chargestorm Connected 3,7 kW.

Size: 280 x 440 x 160 mm.

Connection: Mode 3, typ 2.

Network: 3G/4G.

Installation: Optional.

Circuit breaker: Included.

Fixed cable: Optional 4 m spiral cable.

Installation: Wall mounted.

Web portal: Control permission and track usage online, via our web portal My InCharge.



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