About Us


With InCharge we have the vision to support the conversion to sustainable transport for the future. It is an initiative owned by Vattenfall AB, which is growing together with us as our collaborative partner. We have been building charging infrastructure in close collaboration with municipalities, cities and businesses in the Nordic region, Germany and the Netherlands since 2016.

Our goal is to make life with an electric powered vehicle as simple as possible. This means that it must be easy to charge an electric car regardless of where you are located – at home, at work or on the road. InCharge is driving the development through making charging available in an increasing number of places in a charging network extending over national borders. We are expanding in line with more collaborative partners throughout Europe building and connecting their charging stations to InCharge.

We think that the future of electric powered vehicles is already here. Today there are tens of thousands of electric vehicles on the Swedish roads and we are anticipating one million chargeable cars by 2030. Together we are realising the vision of a fossil-free society within a generation – with absolutely no emissions and exhaust fumes. 

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