Make your company more attractive to your employees, customers and visitors with InCharge electric car charging points for businesses.

When you choose InCharge, you get an end-to-end support: everything from site preparation and installation to connection and billing solutions are all included. You also control who can use your InCharge stations, and how much they pay.

Find out how we've helped McDonalds and Bilderberg hotels set up their EV charging infrastructure.

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Electric vehicle charging at work | our offer

Connected services

The InCharge back office solution (MyInCharge) allows you to keep track of usage and billing for a few users, or an entire fleet. It gives you control of all your charging points via easy-to-use online dashboards. Remotely monitor usage, set tariffs, perform diagnostics and access in-depth profiles of each charging point or your whole network.

Generate revenue

You can generate revenue by opening your InCharge stations to the public, create a private system for staff and company vehicles, or attract customers with free charging. Whatever you choose, InCharge customer service is always included!

Warranty included

All packages include a warranty period for all goods & services against defects in materials, products and services. The length of warranty depends on your choice of EV charger.

InCharge charging stations

Businesses, charities and public sector organisations can apply for grants from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) offsets up to £500 towards the purchase and installation costs of electric vehicle charge-points.

A compact single socket with advanced smart functionality

  • Charging speed: Single and triple phase, 3.7 to 22kW
  • Electrical input: Single feeder cable
  • User interface: 3.5" Full colour screen with logo upload facility
  • Data security: ISO 27001

A dual socket for higher volume environments

  • Charging speed: Single and triple phase, 3.7 to 22kW
  • Electrical input: 2 x feeder cables or 1 x feeder cable with load balancing across sockets
  • User interface: 7" full colour screen with logo upload facility
  • Data security: ISO 27001
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Electric vehicle charging at work | benefits to your business

charging points

Access to charging

You decide who can charge at your charging stations which can easily be arranged via MyInCharge. Users can then charge their car at your charge points for free or for a fee.


Consumption check

MyInCharge shows the charge and the electricity costs of yourself and other users. This way you can immediately see  usage patterns.

ev charging installation

Installation and service

We take care of you throughout the journey, from consultation to installation. We can guarantee a high level of customer service and experienced installers.


EV business solutions

electric vehicle charging for business


Businesses and lease companies

From free employee charging, fleet solutions, or charging for a fee, our solutions are adjustable for businesses of any size.

ev charging for business


Developers and property owners

Offer your residents shared or private charging stations to create a greener, more pleasant living environment.

McDonald's EV infrastructure

Vattenfall provides McDonald's with its EV charging facilities.

Bilderberg: A minimal risk EV infrastructure

Vattenfall provides Bilderberg Hotels with electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities.

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