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Low Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax, cheap fuel and maintenance costs are some of the reasons more and more businesses are switching to electric vehicle fleet alternatives. If you are looking to electrify your fleet, chances are you are currently developing your strategy for an efficient and cost effective process. We can help you with that. Not only do we work with businesses like yours but we are ourselves, in the process of converting to a fully EV fleet.

We created a thorough case study about our own fleet electrification detailing our vehicle and infrastructure strategy, the common challenges we face, the benefits of switching to an EV fleet and our results so far.

Vattenfall electric fleet


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Why go for an electric fleet?


Benefit in Kid (BiK) tax for the year 2020/2021. Employees entitled to company vehicles will benefit from leasing EVs without paying BiK tax. 



A standard-sized petrol car costs an average of 14.2 pence per mile, while the cost of an equivalent electric car is 3.7 pence per mile.


Electric vehicles can be up to 60% cheaper for maintenance and parts. A clear economic advantage of EVs.

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McDonald's EV infrastructure

Vattenfall provides McDonald's with its EV charging facilities.

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