Canterbury and Norfolk case study

Vattenfall partners with Canterbury and Norfolk

With road transport seen as a major contributor to climate change and city air pollution, vehicle electrification is set to play a leading role in cutting emissions and preserving our environment. Vattenfall, in partnership with Canterbury and Norfolk councils is installing EV charging stations in South Norfolk and Canterbury powered by Vattenfall's British wind farms.

Canterbury City Council Framework

In December 2018, Vattenfall and Canterbury City Council agreed a partnership to install 13 InCharge charging points (26 sockets in total) at public car parks across the city. 

The charging speed provided is ‘standard’ at 7.4kWh whilst some faster 22kWh chargers might be added in the future. The power supplied to the sockets is sourced from Vattenfall’s British wind farms, including projects off the Kent coast. These charge points have been paid for by a majority grant from OLEV and a further contribution from Vattenfall. Vattenfall InCharge operates the stations and BMM Energy Solutions acts as the installer and conducts maintenance and upkeep. Canterbury’s electric vehicle drivers have been consulted on the best locations for new charging points ahead of the installation. This framework follows the demand driven model for identifying the best locations for the charging stations. It means locations are identified in partnership with the likely users, improving adoption rates and usage. This is all in line with putting the driver first and helping people live free from fossil fuels.

South Norfolk Council Framework

Vattenfall is initially installing (with partner BMM Energy Solutions) and operating 20 charging stations, owned by South Norfolk Council - at five public car parks in the South Norfolk Council area.

The stations are 22 kWh ‘fast chargers’, which means typically plug-in hybrids will be fully-charged in less than 1 hour and electric vehicles with 60kWh batteries in approximately 3 hours. Ongoing maintenance is provided by BMM Energy Solutions and paid by South Norfolk Council who also owns the revenue generated by the stations. The council is providing a network of charging points in car parks to encourage and enable electric vehicle owners to shop in market towns. It is giving residents living in town centres, the opportunity to consider using clean energy and buying an electric car, as they will now have access to charging points overnight.

Amsterdam EV Infrastructure

Vattenfall provides the city of Amsterdam with all its public electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities.

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