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Electric Car Charging Points for Business – What to Consider?

Electric Vehicles (EVs) play a big role in the reduction of transport as the number one carbon emitting sector, as well as greatly improving urban air quality, of vital importance in cities such as London. The change to an electric vehicle fleet involves planning and understanding, however today there are very few real compromises, and on a lifecycle cost basis the change already makes sense for regular drivers.

An easily accessible charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for the transition to EVs. We offer EV charging solutions to public bodies, businesses and home owners which can be powered by 100% renewable energy when the energy is supplied by us from our UK wind farms. Together with our partners we are building one of Europe's largest charging networks called InCharge. InCharge is established in Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

As more and more businesses and organisations actively look to switch to electric vehicles,  we take a look at what you should consider prior to buying your EV infrastructure.

Determine how many ev charge points you need

The number of EV charge points required varies depending on how many employees you have as well as how many guests regularly visit your premises. We recommend that you future proof your plan by making it easy to expand the number of ev chargers when needed. One of the most important prerequisites for being able to assist EV adoption is to ensure that your employees can charge their car at work. Start by mapping where it is possible to install charge points at your premises and consider if you want visitors to be able to charge too. Plugging in at convenient destinations will become the new normal, allowing your car to ‘top-up’ ensuring it’s kept charged at a good level. This differs from the traditional model of filling your car with petrol once per week, or when the tank is empty.

We can also help your employees select and install a charger for their homes where appropriate.

What ev hardware should I choose?

It is important to select the right type of charge point for your needs. We are a hardware-agnostic provider and offer a choice of industry proven equipment, we can help you select what is right for you. We offer single and dual socket charge points covering the whole range from slow charging to rapid charging. We can also provide a personalised logo upload on screen and load balancing options, which ensures the electricity network in the property is not overloaded by the number of cars being charged. It also means that as the adoption rate of EVs increases, it is possible to vary charging speeds in the future to optimise electricity costs.

EV charger installation and operational software

Let the EV charging company take away the complexity of installing and running your vehicle charging network. Everything from site preparation (bay markings, crash barriers etc.) to connection, software for operation, and a range of billing solutions for your users can be offered. With a wide choice of service packages, we can tailor the solution to fit your needs and give you maximum value.

OLEV grant

Organisations can apply for grants from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). It is worth looking at The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) which offsets up to £500 towards the purchase and installation costs of each EV charge point. To find out more, visit the OLEV page on the UK government website.

Green credentials

Electrification will be a key enabler for reducing CO2 emissions for businesses, industries, customers and society at large, enabling fossil fuels to be replaced by renewable and climate neutral energy. By setting up an EV infrastructure, not only will you facilitate your employees to transition to EV driving, you will also be recognised for your efforts to be more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Our partnership with the Swiss embassy

We were pleased to install 3 charge points for the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK. These units power the official car of the embassy, an LEVC taxi,  as well as a number of employee cars. This is especially useful when employees cannot install home chargers. By connecting these charge points to the InCharge software, we are able to provide statistics and costs directly to the embassy.

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