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Contact InCharge InCharge customer service is always available and ensures that everything works as seamlessly as possible. In case of acute emergencies (e.g.  problem at the charging station), you can reach us 24/7 at 0330 055 24 56 (UK landline rate applies).

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions where you might find the answer to what you are looking for. If you cannot find an answer, then you can ask your question by filling in our help form.

Technical Questions

How do I Charge my vehicle at an InCharge charging station?If you are using the InCharge app, please follow the instructions in the app. If you are using an InCharge card/tag, follow the instructions located on the side of the charging station. How do I stop charging at an InCharge charging station?If using the app, stop the charge by pressing the button 'stop charging' in the app then remove the cable. If using an InCharge card/tag, swipe your card/tag on the charge point reader and then disconnect the cable.Help! The charging lead is stuck in the car and I can't get it out. What can I do?Call us at 0330 055 24 56 and we will help you solve this problem. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact us form, but in an emergency such as this, it's better to call us.What happens if I forget to disconnect the car from the charge point?The vehicle switches off the charging current when the battery is fully charged and prevents overcharging.How fast can my car be charged?It depends on both the charger and your vehicle. Most electric cars, and primarily charged hybrids, cannot be charged faster than 3.7 kW. Using a faster charger is not dangerous for the car, and does not produce more power than the car can receive. The maximum power of the charger is specified in the app. Clean electric cars can generally receive a higher charge power.Do I need a special electrical socket for installing an InCharge box?No, the InCharge box is permanently connected to the house installation. It has no plug for connection to the mains.Is the InCharge box weatherproof?The charging box can be installed and operated outdoors. The InCharge box housing is dustproof and weatherproof according to IP44 or IP54 standards for devices with fixed charging cable.How is the InCharge box installed?You have the choice between 3 options:1. Pre-check and installation included: the easy choice. On your request, we make an appointment with a professional electrician from our service network who will visit your home. The installer inspects your garage or carport, checks your power connection, and sends the information to InCharge. If you then agree with our offer, the electrician/installer will come back a second time for the installation. We make it easy for you – the professionals take care of the technical details.2. Do the pre-check yourself and save money. You provide our customer service information on conditions of your garage/carport and power connection available. Based on this information, the installer from our service network plans the installation and carries it out on site.3. You order the charging box from InCharge and install it with an electrician of your choice.Is my InCharge box covered by warranty?If installation is performed by our installation service, InCharge will provide a  warranty. The length of the warranty will depend on which hardware you choose.How does load management work?
Load management is particularly advantageous for underground garages and parking lots, where several InCharge boxes are to be used simultaneously. Several InCharge boxes can be interconnected and controlled together. The charging boxes then automatically negotiate the respective permitted charging power with the vehicles and prevent overloading of the electrical connection

Questions about InCharge public charging stations

How can I charge my vehicle at an InCharge charging station?Download the InCharge app to start charging immediately. Alternatively, you can order an InCharge charging card or tag on You need to first activate your card/tag before you can start charging. Details of the activation process can be found on the 'Charge on the Go' page.Where can I use the InCharge card/tag?With the InCharge card, you can charge your electric vehicle using environmentally-friendly energy at all public charging stations in the InCharge network. We have also a roaming agreement with MewMotion allowing you to use their public charge points with your InCharge card or tag.How much does the InCharge card/tag cost?The InCharge card/tag is free. There is no membership fee.How much does charging cost?The price is 0,30 GBP per kWh (unless stated otherwise on the stations) on all regular Vattenfall and New Motion EV chargers. NewMotion fast chargers are 0,48 GBP per kWh. What payment options are available?When you charge with the app and you have added your bank card details, you will be billed directly through the app after each charge. If you have linked your card/tag with the app and chooses this payment method then you will be billed with an invoice.If you use a charge card or tag, a monthly invoice will be sent to you. What if my employer or lease company pays my electricity costs?That isn’t a problem. You can sign up with your lease company or employer to have monthly invoicing for the electricity you use go directly to them.Where can I see how much I have charged?The charging station tells you how many kWh have been charged. The costs of your charging sessions can been seen in the InCharge portal. To see your charging history under the heading 'Charging History, enter the start and end date and click on 'Filter'. You will immediately see all your charging sessions from our InCharge charging stations. You can also check your consumption in the app.How do I get access to the InCharge portal?The InCharge portal 'MyInCharge' is accessible from the top menu on or directly via this link.Can I also charge abroad with the InCharge card?You can charge with the InCharge card at all stations in the InCharge network domestically or abroad.I have lost my charge card or charge tag. What should I do?You will need to report your missing charge card or charge tag by emailing us  or calling us at 0330 055 24 56. We will issue you with a new charge card or charge tag and bar the missing one.

Questions about roaming

What does roaming mean?Currently, drivers need several apps or charge cards/tags to access charge points across the UK, whereas in many European countries roaming agreements are common meaning drivers need only to have one account with a service provider to access many charge points.What roaming agreements are in place?We are delighted to announce that you are now able to unlock even more charging stations with your InCharge card or tag. Vattenfall and NewMotion have signed a roaming agreement allowing our customers to access NewMotion EV charge points with their InCharge card/tag. Please note that you can only use the InCharge card or tag to charge at New Motion charge points. The InCharge app is not currently set up to be used outside our network.How can I find NewMotion charge points?You are able to see the NewMotion charge points in our app. All charge points can be found via the online platform ZapMap.How much will it cost me?See section above.How will I be invoiced?When using the NewMotion charging network, you will be billed as per usual by Vattenfall.Can I see my NewMotion charging sessions on MyInCharge portal?We are not yet able to show your electric consumption from our roaming partners on MyInCharge.

Questions about InCharge for businesses

How can my business generate revenue with InCharge stations? You can generate revenue by opening your InCharge stations to the public, create a private system for staff and company vehicles, or attract customers with free charging. Whatever you choose, InCharge customer service is always included!Are there digital and back office solutions to manage my InCharge stations?
The InCharge back office solution 'MyInCharge' allows you to keep track of usage and billing for a few users, or an entire fleet of electrical and hybrid vehicles.

Questions about InCharge Smart Home and access to the InCharge online portal

Can I call download files from the InCharge Portal in an Excel format and generate statistics from them?The data from your InCharge charge point can be downloaded from the portal as a CSV file and opened in MS Excel or other spreadsheet programs.Can I access data online regarding the energy consumed on my account?The amount of energy delivered via your InCharge stations can be viewed in the My InCharge online portal.How safe is the InCharge online portal?The portal has been successfully subjected to intensive security testing. Users can increase security by choosing a strong password.

Questions about InCharge residential charge points

Does InCharge offer solutions for landlords and property owners?Offer your residents shared or private charging stations to create a greener, more pleasant living environment with InCharge. Does the Smart Home charge point also work in older buildings?If the electrical system in the building no longer complies with the applicable standards, the InCharge installation service will gladly advise you on measures for modernisation. These services can be ordered together with the installation of your InCharge stations.What is the cost of charging?The charging station owners set their own prices so there is no set price. Why should I choose InCharge Smart Home?The Smart charging station is particularly suitable when:
1. Up-to-date information on the status of the InCharge box or charging operations is required.
2. Access is to be made only by authorised persons.
3. If load management is necessary for several vehicles despite low connection capacity for charging.

If you are still experiencing problems, or cannot reach us on our helpline, then contact us via our form.

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